April Marie Walker is Richmond’s 52nd homicide of the year

07/02/2005 11:15 PM by

Forty-five-year-old April Marie Walker, who lived in the 2000 block North 29th Street, was found shot this morning in the doorway an apartment in the Creighton Court public housing.

Walker was well known and popular with Creighton Court residents, said Alicia Rasin, founder of Citizens Against Crime. “April was a very community-oriented person and [...] was the best event coordinator in Creighton Court,” Rasin said. “On holidays, [Walker] would always decorate the front of their apartment to the delight of neighborhood children.

“Whenever the kids did good in school, [Walker] had a gift for them to encourage them to continue to do good at school,” Rasin said.

“Whenever there was a problem in Creighton Court, [Walker] was right there. They loved Creighton Court and the people there loved them back. Nobody said anything bad about April.”

[ from the RTD ]

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