7th District wrap-up: Healthy Communities, Storm Water Assessment, 1st Precinct Report

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Saturday’s 7th District meeting hosted by City Council 7th District representative Betty Squire featured presentations by Derek Battle, Liaison Healthy Communites for RCH, representatives from the Department of Public Utilities on the new Storm Water Utility, and a 7th District Crime Stat Report by the First Precinct’s Captain Odetta Johnson.

Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People (CAPUP)

A description of the goals and services provided by CAPUP (previously known as RCAP). (2:24)

Derek Battle – Liaison Healthy Communities (RCH)

Mr.Battle speaks on the process of organizing different organizations to work together to solve problems in the community. Topics include: a master plan for Nine Mile Road, plans for a new community garden, more. (27:02)

Department of Public Utilities

Representatives from the Department of Public Utilities speak on what the new Storm Water Utility is intended to address and how the utility is assessed and financed. (43:19)

Captain Odetta Johnson, 1st Precinct

Captain Johnson introduced herself and shared some of her background in the various sections of the Richmond Police Department. She addressed the recent unpleasantness and said that an announcement would soon be forthcoming from Chief Norwood and Mayor Jones. Johnson encouraged everyone to be active in their civic associations and to be in contact with their sector lieutenants about issues in the community.

(I’ve got no video for Captain Johnson as my video camera only records for an hour. Our loss, as she was the most engaging speaker of the morning.)

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