Taking stuff to the dump Q&A

08/07/2009 9:36 AM by

A reader writes in asking about one of the East End’s hidden treasures:

I am taking a ton of stuff to the dump this weekend, and I really don’t know anything about it. […] What is their deal on dropping off old paint? What about an old axle? For some reason the previous owner left an old axle in my shed.

The East Richmond Road Landfill & Convenience Center, aka the dump, is one of two locations where Richmond residents may dispose of household and bulk items, yard waste, and items to be recycled for free. They will accept “residential, household waste (no commercial or contractor items), yard waste, household waste, tires (up to four with no rims only), appliances, large items.”

The East Richmond Road Landfill has a special place for receiving paint. Be prepared to empty the paint into a 55 gallon drum. This can get messy.

I’m not sure about the axle. When I was discarding lengths of chain link fence from my house, I had to cut the poles down to a certain length. I’ve never had a problem dropping off anything that fit inside of a pickup truck.

East Richmond Road Landfill & Convenience Center
3800 East Richmond Road
Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-4:30PM; Saturdays 9AM-2PM

Richmond Southside Transfer Station
3506 Hopkins Road



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