The Miracle on Mosby (and 25th?)

02/15/2010 6:35 AM by

Dean Alshami’s Mosby Market & Deli at T and Mosby Street is a successful corner store that doesn’t sell any alcohol and has created jobs for nearby residents. What’s next? Alshami has acquired the old Sunny Market and has a plan for it…

In a brief conversation Saturday, Alshami said that he is working towards splitting the larger grocery store into 6 retail spaces. He wants to attract business back to the main commercial corridor of the neighborhood, and he wants the business to reflect the needs and desires of the neighborhood.

Alshami’s brother Ed (above in blue) was glad to give me a tour of the Mosby Market & Deli. He detailed the over $100,000 in improvements that were recently made to the building and shared plans to begin delivery in the nearish future.

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