Spending money never tasted so good

12/01/2011 9:47 PM by

Matt Illian has put together a nice description of the satisfaction and importance of buying local:

Buying from a local bakery was the beginning of a relationship. The next time we visited the House of Homemade, I was able to share with the proprietors how much delight their tasty treats brought to our gathering. Since that time, we have used House of Homemade to cater food at church luncheon and our two young boys like to visit so they can choose from the large selection of tasty desserts. There are few things that bring me greater satisfaction than patronizing hard working and industrious entrepreneurs who are offering a great product at attractive prices. For my economist brain, it is gratifying to know that this money is helping to provide local jobs and is being reinvested in other food suppliers around the region.



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