A house on Carrington Row

01/05/2012 2:50 PM by

Virginia Living looks at Richmond artist and designer-cum-architect Lee Baskerville’s house on Carrington Row:

Richmond artist and designer-cum-architect Lee Baskerville wasn’t in the market for another historic property when he received a call from a friend in 2004, informing him that the center home in Church Hill’s Carrington Row on East Broad Street was for sale. Baskerville’s friend was casting around for a historic house project and invited him to take a look and offer a second opinion on the place. Within an hour, Baskerville, who then owned a 156-year-old house on East Franklin Street, had gotten hooked on the Federal-style house built in 1818. “I saw more potential in this house than any other I’d ever had,” he says. The friend passed, and Baskerville bought it the next day.

PHOTO via Urban Scale Richmond



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