Would this be a good location for a restaurant?

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My name is Daniil Kleyman and I buy/renovate/develop a good amount of property in Church Hill. I recently bought 801-805 N. 23rd St and plan to redevelop that property as apartments and possibly a restaurant downstairs (it already has a hood). A great restaurant there (maybe a brunch spot?) would really help the area and make a significant, positive impact on the neighborhood.

[…] I am seeking a restaurant tenants. I could use all the help getting the word out I can get in order to find the right operation to go in there. I have limited time and if I don’t find someone soon I’ll just do all apartments there.

The restaurant can be either 1100sq ft or 2200sq and there is a HUGE backyard that can be outdoor dining. Picture a brunch spot with a big patio!

I appreciate your help/time. I can always be reached at 804-991-4111. Thanks!

According to the city’s Parcel Mapper, Kleyman owns 18 properties in the city (other than this one), including 8 in the immediate area:

  • 504 North 22nd Street
  • 521 North 30th Street
  • 901 North 35th Street
  • 1112 North 35th Street
  • 1224 North 35th Street
  • 1218 North 37th Street
  • 1310 North 38th Street
  • 2005 Cedar Street

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