Mosby Leadership Program graduates second cohort

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Osita Iroegbu, writing for Urban Views Weekly, has a neat piece about the Mosby Leadership Program:

Mabrey was one of ten Mosby community members who completed the ten-week Mosby Leadership Program. The Program was developed in collaboration with the Mosby Tenant Council to empower Mosby residents in areas of leadership-skill development, communication, computer literacy and civic engagement. The goal: to build active resident leaders who in turn engage, support and motivate their neighbors through community-based activities such as voter registration, volunteerism, and participation on the Mosby Tenant Council.


Graduates from the first Mosby Leadership Program cohort now lead community efforts and have also found jobs working in community-related positions. Two recent graduates of the leadership program served as assistants in the second leadership class, supporting their fellow neighbors throughout the process. Other graduates volunteer in the community’s Resource Center, a health hub in the heart of the community that provides free-of-charge medical and health related services to residents. Some Leadership Program graduates are working to bring Zumba classes to the Mosby community to engage residents in fun, healthy living, while another is working to design a community garden in the Mosby community.

Michael Paul Wiliams also has a write-up in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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