John Shuck is fighting the good fight at East End Cemetery

08/14/2014 6:15 AM by

Grant Martin has posted a great profile of John Shuck’s work at Evergreen/East End Cemetery over on OVERLOOKED RVA:

Here, countless coffins sink deeper each day into the soft soil, causing the ground to undulate like ripples on calm water – but this landscape is anything but calm. Thick and thorny brambles push past a blanket of poison ivy to snag at shirtsleeves and scratch at skin. Kudzu-cloaked obelisks rise like green-gloved fingers, pointing in futile defiance against nature’s unchecked onslaught. Grapevine grips at weedy trees which grow as much as 15 feet each year, coiling like pythons around their tapering trunks toward a neon canopy so dense that it casts the tombstones below into permanent shadow.

No one knows the dark landscape of this abandoned cemetery better than John Shuck.

Shuck has posted on Twitter that he will be out working Friday and Saturday if you are interested in helping.

Grant also has a nice piece about the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Libby Park.



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