Meeting announced for Glenwood Avenue townhouse proposal

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A neighbor along the 35th Street corridor writes in with word of a proposed townhouse development on Glenwood Avenue:

I just received a letter from Baker Development Resources about a proposed conditional rezoning of parts of Glenwood and N. 35th to R-8 Urban Residential for the development of 30 single-family attached townhouses.

The letter also mentions that the site layout would include the re-establishment of 36th street as a connector between M Street and Glenwood.

There is a meeting schedule for Monday, October 6th, at 6 p.m. at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club (3701 R St.) to discuss the proposal and answer questions.

However, seeing as the meeting is being conducted by the developers, I’m curious if anyone knows anything about Baker Development or Glenwood to M, LLC (which is the owner of the properties). I searched CHPN, but only came up with some great sounding pies (no complaints!) and reference to what looks like a prior attempt to do something similar.

Glenwood To M Street Llc C/o Frank Wood owns the property in blue on the map above, for which the zoning is being sought. The parcel is in the “101 – R Single Family Vacant (R1-R7)” property class, and is in a “R-5 – Residential (Single Family)” zoning district.

Church Hill Land Llc C/o Frank Wood owns the properties in green. These parcels are in the “101 – R Single Family Vacant (R1-R7)” property class, but are in a “R-63 – Residential (Multi-family Urban)” zoning district.

The southern most parcel is the former location of the Chimborazo Village apartments. This was for sale as recently as last year, with the claim that it could be “developed into a possible 254 unit apartment community”.

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