Jerry and Savoonga

10/26/2014 7:15 AM by

Humans of Richmond recently ran across Jerry and Savoonga:

“Well — I originally lived in New York, but umm, I lived in Colorado most of my life and Idaho. And I came to Richmond — I was passing through and I saw the Visual Arts Center advertisement about making art and stuff — ‘cause i do jewelry. And I did this piece right here. It’s a piece, it’s called ‘man with a heart.’

And umm, I’ve been on this block for five years. And it’s beautiful — I’ve seen this neighborhood change drastically, you know?

And I think that Richmond is starting to come to its core of umm, say reality — as far as people are concerned and economics and that kind of thing. Businesses coming in, you know? No longer having that stigma of being a place where drugs and all that happening, you know? That’s not happening — especially in this part of the neighborhood. Yeah, I really enjoy Richmond… I really enjoy it.”

“He’s a Siberian Husky with a little wolf in him — and his name is Savoonga.”


“S-A-V-O-O-N-G-A. And it’s from an island that’s between Alaska and Russia and the English name is called St. Lawrence. But in Eunuch, it’s called Savoonga. And that’s how I gave him his name.”



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