Humans of Richmond on 25th Street

10/29/2014 8:11 AM by

Humans of Richmond has another from Church Hill:

“Well — my last duty station, before I got out of the army, was Fort Lee. And umm, I don’t really have too much of a family back where I’m from in Florida. So I kinda just stuck around… Got up to Richmond. Umm I was married in the army, and that kind of fell a part right whenever I was getting out of the army. So pretty much didn’t have much of anywhere else to go or any other direction I really wanted to go in. So I kind of just made my way up here — found stuff to do.”

So you were in the army? How long?

“Four years.”

Right out of high school?

“Literally right out of high school — I joined when I was 17. A month and a half after I turned 17.”

“Now I’m managing a restaurant in Church Hill — Sarahfran’s.”



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