Broad Street Old and Historic District, Richmond, Virginia

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The Shockoe Examiner shares that VCU has made available a PDF version (27.2MB) of Broad Street Old and Historic District, Richmond, Virginia:

Broad Street Old and Historic District, Richmond, Virginia discusses the unique history of Broad Street as a commercial center and its wealth of significant architecture […] Each individual building is juxtaposed with others by an architectural triptych of sorts; each block features a historical 1920s panorama image, followed by a renovation drawing, and finished with a modern photograph. Over 50 historical images of Richmond are presented as part of the guide, providing an informative and fascinating look into the history of this stretch of Broad Street over time.

Beyond the specifics of the architecture, being able to see these blocks in such great detail from both the 1920s and the 1980s is mesmerizing. It feels like the cars and people will start to move if you can only keep looking long enough…

I was gifted a copy of this amazing book a few years back and have been intending to scan it to share out ever since, but the scale of the publication has kept me from making this happen. Glad to see this book more widely available.

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