Yoga now at CrossFit Prelude

11/13/2015 6:58 AM by

CrossFit Prelude is now offering yoga classes, starting this Sunday. Classes are open everyone, no need to be a member of the gym, and will be every Sunday at 11 AM ($15.00 per session):

Baptiste Power Yoga is your key for advancement. Isn’t just for stretching, although flexibility is definitely increased during regular practice. The base of a good yoga practice has strength, flexibility, and balance. Injuries and limitations of the body arise when we become unbalanced with too much strength and are limited in flexibility; or have a high degree of flexibility with no strength supporting the flexibility. Balance within the body allows you to be more aware of how your body moves, and how muscles and bones function, making stronger, healthier, and more internally focused.

Click here for more info or to register for a class.



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