A slew of new houses along Leigh Street

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PHOTO ABOVE: 31st and Leigh (Unlimited Renovations)

I’ve been sitting on an interview with Bryan Traylor from back in October, trying find the time to write it up… Richmond BizSense got it done today in a look at the new houses Unlimited Renovations is finishing up the 500 and 600 blocks of North 30th and 31st streets.

The Richmond BizSense piece emphasizes the higher prices of the new homes. This is noteworthy at that location along Leigh Street, for sure:

Like the two homes he built last year at 510 and 510½ N. 31st St., the homes will be priced around $400,000 – an above-average price point for that side of Broad Street.


“At the end of the day, for me, it’s not about the dollar,” he said. “It’s about the houses being here for 100 years, and people in 60 years going, ‘Wow. They did it right.’ I want these homes to be viewed as part of the fabric of Richmond.”

I’d pair the Unlimited Renovations work with Cobblestone’s new houses on the 600 block of North 29th, the other new construction/renovation right at that intersection, and Aaron Ogburn’s work underway on the 600 block of 28th Street to say the big picture is the sheer amount of transformation and infill happening in that corridor between 28th and 31st Streets. There are more than 12 houses either in the works or completed in the past year.

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613 North 28th before and planned (Aaron Ogburn)

613 North 28th before and planned (Aaron Ogburn)

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New construction at Leigh and 30th

New construction at Leigh and 30th (Unlimited Renovations)

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600 block of North 29th Street

600 block of North 29th Street (Cobblestone)

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Under renovation on 30th Street

607 North 30th Street under renovation (Unlimited Renovations)

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