Richmond Tree Stewards taking care of neighborhood street trees

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PHOTO: Trish Bernal & Chuck Field (Vice President and neighbor from Fulton Hill) removing crepe myrtle suckers. These sprouts are stealing nutrients from the tree.

by Joel Cabot and Trish Bernal – Volunteer Richmond Tree Stewards and Church Hill Association Members

Dear neighbors, walking in the streets of Church Hill!

As Richmond Tree Stewards and under Richmond City (Public Works’ Urban Forestry Division) approval, we have been working on Church Hill trees.

Lately, we got the street trees ready for the UCI cycling race and we took care of the ones on: M street, Jefferson Ave, Jefferson Park, and now N 25th street. This was more than a hundred trees “touched”.

Yes, we just finished the N. 25th Street project! With the help of other Richmond Tree Steward volunteers, we did some clearance and structural pruning on the trees on N 25th Street between Broad Street and 9 Mile Road.

What does that mean? Now you should be able to enjoy the trees when you walk on the sidewalks or when you park and get in or out of your cars. Tree Stewards also check on the health and safety of trees and report any issues to the City of Richmond Arborist.

Just to give you an idea of what we do, here are 3 pictures of our last tree of this project. The tree below is located near the intersection of N 25th Street and 9 Mile Road.

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