Congratulations to Captain Daniel Minton!

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The promotions of 14 Richmond Police Department officers to the ranks of deputy chief, major, captain, lieutenant and sergeant will take place today at 10 AM at the Richmond Police Training Academy. Major Dwight C. Jones will join Chief Alfred Durham for the promotion of one new deputy chief, two new majors, three new captains, four new lieutenants and four new sergeants. Between them, these officers have more than 250 years of experience with the Richmond Police Department.

Promoted to the rank of deputy chief is:

1. Steve Drew

Being promoted to the rank of major are:

1. Darrell Goins
2. Roger Russell

Being promoted to the rank of captain are:

1. William Blackwell
2. Greer Gould
3. Daniel Minton

Being promoted to the rank of lieutenant are:

1. William Brereton
2. Harold Giles
3. Ken Roane
4. Bill Woo

Being promoted to the rank of sergeant are:

1. Bruce Gochenour
2. Stacy Rogers
3. Brian Sheridan
4. Michael Stinger

As part of the ensuing staff movement, Sector 111’s Jeremy Sayles will be transferred to the Intervention and Prevention Unit. Lieutenant Johnny McRoy will be the new head of Sector 111.

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