David Braun’s Wear Your Walkin’ Shoes at Schindler Gallery

03/06/2016 6:15 AM by

David Braun’s installation Wear Your Walkin’ Shoes opens this Friday, March 1, at 7:00 PM at the Eric Schindler Gallery.

From the artist:

Machines………… the objects we create to assist us in our daily toils, to ease our burdens, and improve our lives. Much like humans, they work, they rest, they have cycles, they break down and they persevere. As we employ machines to assist us, they mimic our movements, efforts and represent our desires. When functioning properly, they portray infallibility not possible in a human being. When malfunctioning, they can instill fear, dismay, frustration and disappointment. They can be either hero or antagonist.

I create machines as my creative expression. I am in constant awe of the world around me, and yet bewildered by the human condition. My machines are not inventions to solve a problem; they are artifacts from my exploration of the world around me, and myself. Wood, metal, mechanics and moving parts have a clear language and logic that I understand. I use this language and logic in attempts to reflect and reconcile the world around me.

My machines are experienced both through viewing and interactive use. I aim for a multi-layered experience for my audience. I hope for both an intellectual connection with the concept driving the object, coupled with a physical connection to its action. I feel that this physical connection with energy is contact with the base force that comprises our existence- a realm beyond comprehension.



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