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04/16/2016 11:46 AM by

Neighbor Alex Mejias is seeking to crowdsource his next record. The Kickstarter campaign runs for a few more days, so kick a few $$$ his way if you can help:

Remember the Staples Singers, Al Green, and other gospel singers before the “Christian” music industry existed? Remember when the likes of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan recorded gospel and hymn records? Remember when “You Gotta Serve Somebody”, the Dylan gospel classic, reached #24 on the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 singles chart?

Faith-based music was not always walled off into its own labels, outlets, magazines and radio stations. My hope for this project is that it would not only reach and serve churches, but also enter the broader culture just like any other indie record. In other words, this album is for everyone.

With that hope at the forefront of this album, I’m particularly excited to be working with Spacebomb Records. As a label and production company, they are known in both the U.S. and Europe for making extremely high quality music. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Matthew E. White and the whole Spacebomb crew, and I will be continuing to pursue partnerships within the mainstream music industry.


For this particular project I’ll be recording under the name of Brother Anders, and the music will consistently reflect the soulful sound of my new city, Richmond, VA.

Here’s a preview of what this new project will sound like, a rough cut of “Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending” featuring local artist Allison Hurst.



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