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Marc Cheatham aka The Cheats Movement posted the first episode of The Table, a new podcast sharing “discussions …. with the Richmond community as we move towards November’s election for Mayor, City Council, and School Board”:

Earlier this week, I pulled together 7 community leaders to have an honest conversation about the state of our community and what we are looking for in our next leader. I hope you will listen and SHARE THIS POST with anyone interested in the future of our community, city and region. #WESEEIT

Community leaders: Damon Jiggetts (Peter Paul), Amy Wentz (Black RVA), Mimi Bowen (Ladies Who Lead), Arthur Burton (Kinfolks), Adrienne Cole Johnson (Peter Paul), J.J. Minor (Community Activist), Brother James (Community Activist/Children Advocate) Host Cheats – Video Jourdan – Photos – Risa – Location – Peter Paul Development Center

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Photos by Risa Gomez

Photos by Risa Gomez

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