A bicycle tour of the historic cemeteries of the East End and Northside

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Following up on an off-hand suggestion, some friends and I put together a bicycle tour of the cemeteries of the East End and Northside. The 15 mile ride goes back to the founding of Richmond, and visits Colonial era, Civil War, African-American, and early Jewish cemeteries, while rolling through a great set of the city’s off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods.

With each cemetery, I kept hearing “I didn’t even know this was here.” When I told the group that the next stop was Evergreen, there was definitely some anticipation. The journey from station-to-station was a good small group bicycle experience, and each of the cemeteries offers it’s own compressed view into Richmond’s past.

We ended up at 23rd and Main to finish off the the “mausoleums and mimosas” tour. Optional but recommended. Also maybe wait until it’s not pushing 100 degrees outside.

If you’d like to try to the tour, I’ve included the map for each spot below. If you’re interested in riding along, I’ll be offering this again in a few weeks for some folks who couldn’t be here, drop an email to if you want to come along.

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