Can you come out to help the trees on Broad Street?

09/25/2016 8:57 AM by

Church Hill Tree Stewards Trish Bernal and Joel Cabot are asking for your help:

We are starting a pruning project on East Broad Street next week. We could use the help of some local “citizen volunteers” to help make the project a big success.

We are planning to do sidewalk clearance (e.g limbing up so you can navigate the sidewalk and park your car) along East Broad Street from 25th Street to the end of the 3600 block. We will also be working on the numbered side streets one block North and South of Broad.

Citizen volunteers can help the Richmond Tree Stewards by helping monitor for passing car and pedestrian traffic, holding larger limbs steady to make the pruning easier, and by piling debris in pick up locations; or if you have a truck, by taking debris to the city dump. Please come out and help!

We will start at 25th and East Broad on Tuesday morning, September 27, 9am to 11am. We will move east on Thursday, September 29 from 2pm – 5pm and plan to continue the subsequent Tuesday and Thursday.

Come for an hour or two, anything will be appreciated. Look for folks in bright yellow t-shirts and safety vests carrying a variety of pruning tools. Feel free to contact Trish Bernal at or Joel Cabot if you have additional questions or want to volunteer.

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