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PHOTO BY Amanda Payne

I had seen mention of share stations starting to popup over the past week, including one at City Hall. Good news for the East End: It looks like it’s finally go time for the bike share, and that the Clay Street station in front of Cylcus bike shop is part of the launch. Anybody know when we’re supposed to be getting the bikes?

RVA Bike Share has info on how to sign up for the program and the costs for annual, monthly, and daily passes ($96/$18/$1.75). The site also has a map showing locations for 16 stations and the number of available bikes at each (currently zero). There will soon be an app available that will facilitate the rental process, and show the availability at the kiosks.

The site describes the bicycles as “standard bikes”, but also says that “you can ride for a full day and still have battery life left over”, so it sounds like they may include some electric assist. The bicycles come with a horn and a basket capable of carrying 40 lbs.

Richmond’s bike share was supposed to launch in 2016 with 220 bikes and 20 stations focusing on downtown and nearby areas, with a Phase 2 in 2017 to add another 220 bikes (including electric pedal assist bikes) and 20+ more stations. The original map from 2015 shows a station on Jefferson Avenue, while the current city map doesn’t show a station in the area until Phase 2.

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RVA Bike Share stations

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