Planning to consider Jefferson Avenue SUP, Bill Robinson Park plans, Venable Street rezoning, art for Jefferson Park

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The agenda for the September 5 meeting of the Richmond Planning Commission includes a few items of local interest:

  • ORD. 2017-152 – To rezone a portion of the property known as 1900 Venable Street from the R-53 Multifamily Residential District to the B-5 Central Business District

    This is to allow more dense development along that empty stretch of Venable going down the hill from Mosby Street. The new zoning would not require setbacks from the street, and would allow by default heights of up to 5 stories.

  • UDC 2017-27 – Final Location, Character, and Extent review of Bill Robinson Park Improvements, 700 N. 37th St

    A set of upgrades to the park as detailed HERE.

  • ORD. 2017-154 – To authorize the special use of the properties known as 2411 M Street and 2416 Jefferson Avenue for the purpose of allowing a building to exceed the applicable height restrictions, upon certain terms and conditions.

    After a number of iterations, the design for a mixed-use apartment building passed CAR back in March. Getting the SUP through Planning and City Council are the final two hurdles.

  • a2017 – 3242 – Section 17.05 Review: Open Inbox – Public Art Installation by artist Barry O’Keefe

    A proposal to install a public art display in 3 locations – Jefferson Park, Oregon Hill, and McDonough Community Gardens on Forrest Hill Avenue

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