Updated! It’s the Giving Season – What better way to give than to support a local school!

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Update! Dec 17th, 2017: Thank you to everyone that has donated/helped so far! A generous family here in Church Hill, in the holiday spirit, has committed to a donor match. They’re going to donate $250 to the Chimborazo PTA for every Chimborazo Donor’s Choose project that gets funded up to $1,500. Please help however you can.

Skip a night out, buy 1 less present (they’ll probably just re-gift it anyway), and take a minute to help support these great causes!

One of the reasons I fell in love with Church Hill is that we are a close knit community. I’m very excited for my first post to be about this opportunity to support our local community, the kids that live here, and the schools that are a critical part of our neighborhood.

We got this tip from a parent about some local Donor’s Choose projects that are definitely worth your support so make a difference this holiday season and help make some futures a little brighter!

December is a great time to give back to area schools!

I Wanted to highlight some great Donor’s Choose projects from Area Schools. Teachers from Bellevue, Chimborazo, and Fairfield have projects that will directly benefit teachers and students. Several projects from Bellevue expire soon! If you are looking for a concrete way to help students, this is a clear way to do so!

Click HERE for Chimborazo Elementary Projects

Click HERE for Bellevue Elementary Projects

Click HERE for Fairfield Court Elementary Projects

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