Book signing and reading at the East End Library

12/11/2009 6:34 AM by

This Saturday the East End Library will host author Danita Rountree Green in a reading and community discussion of her newly released novel Love Locked Down, a novel about women in relationships with incarcerated men.

Ms. Green, who writes under the pseudonym R. Satiafa, has been featured in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal and is recognized nationally for her research in the fields of Women’s Studies and American Folklore. A cultural anthropologist and family therapist, she has traveled internationally in search of innovative ways to strengthen relationships and build worthwhile legacies in our global communities. Her previous titles include Broom Jumping: A Celebration of Love (Entertaining Ideas 1992) and Grandmothers Gift of Memories (Random House 1997).

Her new book, Love Locked Down, explores the affect of punitive incarceration on couples and parental relationships, and has recently been critiqued as the ‘quintessential read for all women who have experienced the hardship of being psychologically and literally locked down in a relationship”.

Her talk will cover how several generations of women have maintained relationships with incarcerated partners, the pros and cons of dating convicts and the socio-economic backlash on the family.

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