The Frederick Swift House

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Richmond history blog RVA Legends has a look at the since-demolished home at 2121 Venable Street:

[B]uilt in 1854 by Frederick L. Swift at what is now 2121 Venable Street. After passing rapidly through several hands, it became in 1862 the property of Bernard Frishkorn, to whose estate it belonged until 1898. It was not, however, the Frishkorn home, but was occupied during the ‘seventies and ‘eighties by James L. Porter and Wilson B. Joseph. From 1898 to 1939 it belonged to S. B. Wilson, his widow, and her heirs. Besides its attractive outlines, this house has on the outside a charming and elaborate cornice and frieze.

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We posted photos of this house in 2010 without knowing any of the history. Check out the trolley tracks on Venable in undated photo immediately below. The other two photos are likely from the early 1990s.






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