Planning to consider outdoor dining at Urban Farmhouse, affordable housing strategy

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The agenda for the April 6 meeting of the City Planning Commission has a few items of specific local interest:

ORD. 2015-020 To amend Ord. No. 2013-75-57, adopted April 22, 2013, which amended Ord. No. 2011-20-32, which authorized the property known as 310 North 33rd Street for the purpose of the conversion of the existing building to a multifamily dwelling with up to 50 units, and additionally authorized principal commercial uses permitted on corner lots in the R-63 Multifamily Urban Residential District on the property, to authorize outdoor dining, upon certain terms and conditions.

ORD. 2015-051 To amend Ord. No. 2014-188-173, adopted Oct. 13, 2014, which closed to public use and travel a portion of right-of-way known as Lewis Street, located between its intersection with Williamsburg Road and its intersection with a CSX Transportation, Inc. right-of-way and consisting of 24,300± square feet and a portion of right-of-way known as 37th Street, located between its intersection with Lewis Street and its intersection with Nicholson Street and consisting of 5,985± square feet, for the purpose of modifying certain terms and conditions upon which the portion of right-of-way was closed.

ID 2015-006 Affordable Housing Strategy Presentation

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