Newport News is getting our grocery store

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A piece in the RTD this AM tells the story of Jim Scanlon’s inaugural Jim’s Local Market, set to open in Newport News in May. He was supposed to have come here first, at the empty block at the traffic circle at 25th and Nine Mile and Fairmount.

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RRHA has been acquiring lots and clearing structures (also) from the 1300 blocks of 24th and 25th Streets and the adjacent block along Nine Mile since at least 2006.

At a 7th District meeting back in late 2006, a grocery store at 25th and Nine Mile was promised for the near future (“more towards 2 years than 5 or 10”). Mayor Jones reiterated the notion back in 2012.

From 2014:

In 2015, he hopes to break ground on Jim’s Local Market in Richmond’s East End, less than a mile from the bulk of Richmond’s public housing units. His store will leverage his expertise and relationships in the grocery industry to provide the same variety, quality, and prices of national chains, something small independents are not typically able to do.

Folks in the know have been hinting at this market and telling me that we’ll have something to announce “in two weeks” for the past 8 months.

It’s been 10 years since this was first mentioned. I’m still waiting.

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