Fulton needs a grocery store

01/19/2017 9:06 AM by

Cheryl Groce-Wright, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton, had a letter printed in the RTD yesterday:

Approximately 4,500 people in Greater Fulton live with limited supermarket access. These families rely on understocked convenience stores or take long trips to buy healthy food. To get from Greater Fulton to the closest grocery store without access to a vehicle, one must walk along Williamsburg Road – a treacherous and unsafe journey. Taking the bus is no better as it takes an hour and a half one way to arrive at the store.

Every community in Richmond deserves access to healthy food. Until that happens, food access will remain an uphill challenge for the residents of Greater Fulton and other neighborhoods.

On a similar note, Michael Hild at Dogtown Dish today put out the call for a grocery store for Manchester.

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