Had issues with dogs on 23rd Street?

01/23/2017 11:43 AM by

From Jarrett:

My girlfriend and our dog had an altercation with two aggressive pit bulls we frequently see in the area. One dog was gray, the other white.

She was walking our dog around the corner of 23rd and M, right at the church parking lot. The gray dog first spotted them and began to run at them. She turned around and started running with our dog towards Venable street. She turned around to look and noticed a second, white pit bull now also chasing. That dog caught up with them and knocked her to the ground. Luckily, she had an umbrella and was able to scare him away by hitting him with her umbrella.

She called non-emergency police who said they would have animal control and an officer go to the corner. We haven’t heard any other news. She’s fortunate neither her or our dog are seriously injured (she’s sore from the fall).



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