Council to take next steps on new grocery store, redevelopment along Nine Mile

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The agenda for the June 26 City Council meeting includes a few specifically local items.

The first transfers money to RRHA towards the grocery store project, and notably pushes the target completion date from December 2017 to “no later that December 31, 2021”:

ORD. 2017-115 To authorize the Chief Administrative Officer, for and on behalf of the City of Richmond, to execute the First Amendment to Grant Contract between the City of Richmond, Virginia, and the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, to make a grant of $500,000 to the Authority for the purpose of allowing additional time for the construction of a full-service grocery store at the intersection of North 25th Street and Nine Mile Road in the city of Richmond.

The 2nd provides money to purchase the East Lawn Shopping Center on Nine Mile Road as part of the redevelopment of that whole area:

ORD. 2017-111 To amend Ord. No. 2016-053, adopted May 13, 2016, which adopted a General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 and made appropriations pursuant thereto, to transfer funds in the amount of $200,000.00 from the Department of Economic and Community Development agency and to appropriate this $200,000.00 to the RRHA for East End Transformation line item in the Non-Departmental agency for the purpose of the acquisition and redevelopment of a property located at 1815 North 30th Street.

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East Lawn Shopping Center on Nine Mile Road

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