Power Outage Pro Tips – Device Charging, Traffic Lights, and Power Surges

01/14/2018 4:11 PM by

Helpful Neighborhood Fire Department

A quick update from our friendly Richmond Fire Department. Betty wrote in to let us know that if any of our local Church Hill neighbors need to stop by and charge up their phone or device they’re welcome at Fire Station 1 at 308 N. 24th St.

Traffic Lights

You should treat broken stop lights exactly like a 4-way stop. We’ve had a few reports of drivers that don’t know what to do when they approach a stop light that isn’t working. Pay attention as you’re pulling up to the light.

Power Surges

During a power outage, make sure and turn off as many electrical devices as possible. When the power comes back on it is very common for a power surge to occur which can damage computers, TVs, and even your appliances.

Stay safe and warm out there!



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