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A meeting was held tonight at the American Tobacco building about the proposed development at Cedar and Broad Streets. What is now surface parking wrapping around the McDonald’s could become 160+ apartments and a 5,000 square foot retail space.


  • Parking will be in a courtyard inside the building. The buildings will go to the property line.
  • The current plans show cars entering the courtyard through Broad Street. The architect (Walter Parks) seemed receptive to the observation that this would be a traffic disaster, mentioning earlier versions with cars entering/exiting on 18th Street.
  • It is the same developer and architect as American Tobacco. They envision a similar development, but new construction instead of redevelopment.
  • They need a special use permit as the land is current zoned M-1, which does not allow residential.
  • They haven’t applied for any permits yet. They stated that they wanted to get this in front of the community early in the process.
  • The highest point of the building would be 20 feet below the top of Jefferson Park. The highest end of the building would be at 18th Street.
  • The 3 to 4 story size is seen as a match to the scale of the Sisson building and Cold Storage.
  • There would be a pool on the roof.
  • They would have liked to have removed or incorporated the McDonald’s, but the corporation/franchisee wouldn’t go for it.

I’ll have better images sometime on Tuesday.



DISCLOSURE: I’ve got family that works for Walter Parks, and I designed and built his website.

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