A history of this corner (325 North 27th Street)

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The commercial space at 325 North 27th Street / 2707 East Marshall Street began its working life over a century ago. Digging into the Hill Directories at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library gives a broad outline of what has been going on at that corner over the years.

The Hill Directories are a series of directories for a variety of cities with the residents listed by address and by last name (often with their employment). You can look up who lived in a particular address for a given year, and then cross-reference to see their occupation.

The oldest Hill Directory on the shelf is 1902: in that year, Philip Alto was using the store at 27th and Marshall Streets as a hardware shop of some kind. By 1915, the space was home to a confectioner (Louis Haboush), a use that it would house in some way for the next 45 years. Confectioner Louis Shuleeta held the corner for 17 years, Shibley’s Inn was on the spot for the next 20 years after that.

27th Street Inn (1960)

In 1960, the 27th Street Inn, described as a restaurant, (with it’s iconic sign) took over the spot. The Inn was open until 1979, after which the space was reincarnated as a laundrymat. The 27th Street Laundrymat closed in 1997, after which the property was vacant for over a decade.

In 2012, House of Homemade brought life back the corner, a neat continuation of the space’s history as a confectionary. House of Homemade closed in July of 2012; WPA Bakery has recently opened in the space.

27th and Marshall (vacant)(2005)

Commercial uses at 325 North 27th Street (now known as 2707 East Marshall Street)

1902 Philip Alto (hardware)
1906 E H McDonough
1915 Louis Haboush (confr), Alex Etosh (salesman)
1916 Louis Haboush (confr) with Miss Mary Haboush
1921-1938 Louis Shuleeta (confr)
1939-1959 Shibley’s Inn (listed under Confectionary and Ice Cream), Saml Shibley, Eug Shibley listed as counterman, Ida Shibley as a waitress, later Fred A. Shibley
1960 27th Street Inn / Frank Watson
1961 27th Street Inn / Edw Simon mgr confy – listed under “Restaurants” (not to far down the list from “The Rendezvouz” at 2800 East Broad)
1962 27th Street Inn / Alberta B Thompson (manager)(400 North 27th was the “Diamond Inn” restaurant)
1963-1979 27th Street Inn – Chas J Johnson (manager) (by 1977 400 North 27th was the “27th Street Laundrymat”)
1980 Johnson Laundromat (Charlie J. Johnson Jr.)
1981-1997 27th Street Laundrymat
1998-2010 VACANT
2011-2012 House of Homemade
2012 WPA Bakery

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