Would Jefferson Park be a good home for Mr.Smedley?

01/15/2013 1:40 PM by

Mr.Smedley, the sculpture that used to prominent at 6th Street Market Place, has been in storage from some years. Now folks are working to find a new home for the piece:

The statue is of a smiling, tall, lanky entertainer doffing his bowler hat, revealing a mouse perched on his head. Sculptor John Temple “Jack” Witt — the same man who sculpted the Bill “Bojangles” Robinson statue in Jackson Ward — wasn’t happy to find out that Mr. Smedley was laying face down and covered by a plastic tarp at a City of Richmond storage facility. […]

Witt suggested Jefferson Park in Union Hill might be a good spot for him since it is frequented by children. It also has a small performance area and a beautiful view of the downtown skyline from atop the hill above Shockoe Valley.



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