Haley House for sale again

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The Haley House at 631 North 30th Street is back on the market, with the seller is encouraging someone to buy the house and demolish it:

This building is located in an area where the entire community is undergoing a complete transformation and rehab. Old structures are renovated into beautiful single family homes and townhouses with historical character and charm that offer great amenity to all Richmond’s city life has to offer. Parks,trails,boutique restaurants, bars,festival area, historical landmarks and the James river Capital city bike and hiking trail. The location has become a mica for urban millenniums opting for city and cultural living. The building is in poor condition, therefore a complete demolish is neccessary, to build on the lot. The plus is the structure has connection to public gas and water. Its also a corner lot.

The house was on the market in December of 2014, with the presumptive buyer saying “As long as the house is under my reign, it will not be demolished. As you know, it is a slow, slow process, I have restored several, so I know what to expect. It will probably be early Spring [2015] before any change will be noticed.” The sale did not go through.

A report by Madge Goodrich (via the Library of Virginia) dated January 28, 1937, traces the history of the property back to the early 1800s and its ownership by Richard Adams. The house itself dates from 1824.

The photograph and report are part of the Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Commission.

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1930s by Madge Goodrich

1937 by Madge Goodrich

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haley house 01

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haley house 02

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haley house 03

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haley house 04



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