Ballot for sheriff, treasurer will include wacky roster of independents

06/29/2017 7:09 AM by

Nichole Ona R. Armstead and Antoinette Irving won the Democratic primaries for Treasurer and Sheriff respectively earlier this month. Ned Oliver has word that each will face independent challengers this fall.

Irving will face Nicole D. Jackson and perennial ballot squatter Emmett J. Jafari. Jackson appears to be a qualified candidate, with years of experience in the Richmond sheriff’s office. Jafari has previously unsuccessfully run for the 8th district school board seat in 2000, sheriff in 2001, mayor in 2004, sheriff in 2005, and clerk of the court in 2011 and 2014.

In what is looking like magic mashup of Richmond politics past and present, Armstead (the daughter of former Richmond City Councilman Chuck Richardson) will be running against former one-term council representative and 4th-place mayoral candidate Michelle Mosby, and former council representative L. Shirley Harvey. Harvey represented the 6th District for 2 years during the mid-1990s and has lost a string of contests since then – she ran as an at-large candidate for mayor last year and 2012 and 2008, came in 3rd in the 2009 House of Delegates District 69 contest, finished a distant 2nd in the 2005 House of Delegates District 69 election, and handily lost the 2004 Richmond City City Council District 6 election. While on council Harvey earned her place in the Richmond political and 1990s history books “by leading a sunrise prayer service on City Hall’s observation deck, where she spoke in tongues and prayed against evil spirits.”

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