Have a question about a renovation or rehab project in one of Richmond’s Old and Historic Districts?

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From Christina:

Are you a new or existing homeowner in a Designated Old and Historic District in the area? Do you have a question about a renovation or rehabilitation project on your property? Are you planning a demolition or new construction project? If so, keep reading!

In an effort to provide a resource to the community, I’ve started an “AskCAR” column in the Church Hill newsletter. If you don’t know already, CAR or the Commission on Architectural Review is the City’s official historic preservation body and helps to preserve the unique qualities of these designated districts. Since there are four of these districts in this area (St. John’s, Chimborazo, Union Hill, Church Hill North) chances are that if you are a homeowner you will have or have had a renovation/maintenance or new construction project that would require input from CAR.

This column is aimed at providing clarity and understanding of a process that at times may seem daunting or frustrating. Marianne Pitts, Secretary of the Planning and Preservation Department in the City of Richmond Department of Planning and Development Review has kindly agreed to assist me in answering the questions that I receive from the readership.

In order for this to work, I need your questions! Send them to with AskCAR in the subject line.

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