Davis hoping to open Frontier in September

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In recent years, the previsouly-ragged 400 block of 25th Street has seen the arrival of Luminary Hair, Josh Bilder’s amazing renovation of the East End Theater, and is now serving the easy eats of Liberty Public House. After more than 2 years of work, it looks like Chris Davis’ Frontier is set to be next up, with an opening targeted for September at 412 North 25th Street.

Richmond BizSense has an update:

Many of Frontier’s signature dishes will be prepared on a $25,000, 1-ton, custom-made wood grill and rotisserie oven shipped from Mesquite, Texas. At full capacity, the rotisserie can cook 16 birds at once.

“This is the nucleus,” Davis said. “As soon as you walk in the first thing you will see is this grill – it’s the center of the restaurant.”

He said the grill master also will prepare other meats on the grill, such as duck, steak, burgers, lamb and chicken dishes with influences from Argentina, Mexico and Peru. Davis said the menu is set to change often.

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